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If you or a loved one need a physical exam before heading off to college, playing sports, or working as a professional driver, Revive Medical Urgent Care is the place to go. They offer convenient same-day exams and physicals for students and professionals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Feel free to call, schedule an appointment online, or walk in today.

Physical Exams Q & A

What is a sports physical?

Children and teenagers who want to join a sports team typically need to get a physical exam to determine whether it’s safe for them to participate. Even if their school or organization doesn’t require it, a sports physical is a good idea.

During a sports physical, a friendly provider at Revive Medical Urgent Care reviews your child’s medical history and performs a physical exam. They may ask questions about:

  • Serious illnesses among family members
  • Allergies
  • Previous or current illnesses
  • Past injuries
  • Medications or supplements

The physical exam may include:

  • Recording height and weight
  • Testing vision
  • Taking blood pressure and pulse
  • Checking heart, lungs, ears, nose, and throat

In addition to clearing your child to play sports, the team at Revive Medical Urgent Care may also recommend training tips to prevent injuries, such as stretching and warming up.

What is a DOT physical exam?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires professional truck and bus drivers to get a physical exam before driving commercial motor vehicles. These exams help ensure you can safely handle the demands of this type of job.

During a DOT exam, you fill out a report form to indicate any past or current health conditions, such as:

  • Impaired vision
  • Digestive problems
  • Depression and anxiety disorders
  • Brain injuries or neurological disorders
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Heart disease

One of the expert providers at Revive Medical Urgent Care reviews this form and may ask additional questions about your medical history. Then, they perform a physical exam that may include:

  • Checking the heart, lungs, digestive tract, and coordination
  • Measuring blood pressure
  • Checking vision and hearing
  • Urinalysis test for glucose
  • Drug and alcohol screening

A standard DOT physical exam takes about 45 minutes.

What is a pre-college physical?

Most colleges and universities require a pre-entrance physical exam, especially if you’re going to be living on campus in shared housing. Even if your college doesn’t require it, a physical exam at Revive Medical Urgent Care is a great opportunity to check your health status before making this major transition.

Pre-college physicals may include:

  • Review of past and current medical conditions, including allergies and injuries
  • Physical exam
  • Laboratory tests such as blood tests and urinalysis
  • Immunizations

Your provider at Revive Medical Urgent Care may also offer advice on how to stay healthy throughout the college experience.

To schedule your physical exam, call or book an appointment online. You can also walk in without an appointment.